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Effective March 16, 2018, Seahaven will cease operations in Florida.  As Seahaven's principal owner and appraiser,  I will be relocating to Denver Colorado.  I will be the principal and chief appraiser of my new company, Residential Analytics, LLC. 

On a personal note, I will miss the weather, the water, sandy beaches, fighting fish, boats and so many other things.  My wife and I are waving goodbye to a lot of good friends and clients.  We like Florida!!  Lots to see and do and we tried to get it all in.  Florida is a wonderful place to live and we will miss it.

About Colorado .... it was our home for 42 years!  Colorado is in our blood.  We are Coloradans to the bone.  We're moving back to be near our two daughters, three grandaughters and a bevy of other family and friends. 

When the dust settles, I'll be growing my new appraisal company Residential Analytics, LLC and my own real estate brokerage business Rossiter & Associates.   If you are an old friend or aquaintence, I'd enjoy hearing from you.


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