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An Opinion

by Fred Rossiter

“Under all is the land”   That’s how all the real estate classes started 45 years ago when I got my real estate license.   We were all instructed to become “good stewards of the land”.   Well, it’s clear that we have failed.  It is no longer just the land
that we are poor stewards of.  It’s now the rivers and lakes, the oceans, the coral reefs, the flora and fauna, and this razor thin slice of atmosphere that we need to protect us.  Time is running out.  

I have broadened my vision of real estate from my neighborhood to the entire planet.  I see what we are doing to it and wonder what we can do to save it.  We need to look at the various components of global warming and environmental degredation, study the causes and find the solutions ... quickly.

Appraisers are expected to show no bias or favor when it comes to real estate.  They are trained to express an opinion only when and if they have factual data to support it.  Well, the facts are in.  There is plenty of data to support the opinion that this continued degradation to our environment is definitely impacting the world we live in and the quality of our lives.

Global warming is real, the polar ice caps are melting, the seas are rising and we are depleting our resources at an alarming rate.  Consumerism is out of control.  All this has everything to do with real estate. 

I’ve appraised properties along the Caloosahatchee River that now flood during severe high tides.  The people who live along this river are fed up with the polluted water coming from Lake Okeechobee upstream.  This lake picks up all the fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides from the citrus and cane growers in Central Florida.  The water turns black, kills the seagrasses, zooplankton, marine life and fish downstream.  It discolors our green and turquoise waters, drives away tourists and is now impacting “all things residential”.

I’ve been a sportsman, a fisherman and environmentalist all my life.  It’s time to raise my voice.

So, in addition to articles about real estate, appraisal and my local markets, my website will now address and highlight the problems and the solutions.  I will link you to some of our great thinkers, and scientists who can identify the problems and the engineers, builders, entrepreneurs and companies who are discovering solutions.  I'll highlight these stories in "all things residential" within this website.

Let’s take this journey together and find out how we can make this world a better place ... starting right in our own homes.